Materials Management

Components are timed to arrive together for a complete kit to be forward to manufacturing.  All components are pulled in a first-in first-out basis.  Each kit is verified and reviewed prior to going to the production floor.  All quantities are checked to prevent unknown shortages on the manufacturing floor.  Any shortages are handled immediately to prevent needless additional time.  Specific requirements for lot uniformity or date codes can be accommodated on an as-required basis. 

Surf-Tech provides full turnkey and consigned material service.  Our personnel have over 35 years experience in the procurement of material through very strong vendor relationships.  All materials are received and verified through incoming inspection to insure compliance to customer requirements or any other stated standard.  


Surf-Tech purchases all material required for the customer’s Bill of Material in compliance with customer-approved manufacturers part numbers.  Surf-Tech utilizes an advanced MRP program that ensures all materials arrive together, on-time, in order to meet production schedules and customer delivery dates.  For frequently used components, reorder levels and amounts are used to ensure enough material is always on-hand for production.  Long lead-time items are identified and alternatives may be proposed.  Obsolete components are addressed with the customer.  Purchasing of obsolete items through independent distributors is only done with written permission from the customer.  All vendors are monitored through our ISO 9001 program to ensure consistent delivery and quality.


Surf-Tech will verify a complete kit upon receipt and work with the customer on any shortages to ensure that a complete kit is forwarded to the floor.  Excess material is send back upon completion of the order, or can be held for future orders.