Quality Assurance

Few, if any, areas are as important as Quality Assurance in United States manufacturing.

Our high-quality output is frequently cited by our customers as meeting and exceeding their requirements. Surf-Tech inspects all products to IPC-A-610 specifications or better. All manufacturing personnel have been trained in IPC-A-610 specifications and carry current certificates. ISO 9001:2008: Surf-Tech Manufacturing maintains a current certification through July 2016.

A Quality System Manual is now available upon request. Inspection: Surf-Tech uses a Mirtec MV-3 series AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) machine that inspects all SMT placements, polarity, marking and soldering. BGA and QFN’s are inspected using our Glennbrook RTX-113 X-ray machine. Printouts of BGA’s or QFN’s can be shipped with products on request.

Testing: Completed boards can be tested via a supplied fixture to ensure 100% fully operational unit.