Rework, Repairs and Modifications

Few products are ever designed perfect the first time.  Over time obsolete, defective parts and upgrades often force the removal or addition of various components.  Following the IPC-7711/7721 or customer stated requirements assemblies can be updated or changed after manufacturing. 

Our Pace IR 3000 is ideal for BGA, QFN or QFP removal.    The IR 3000 uses a long wave IR heater to control the heated area and a high resolution camera with zoom, focus and lighting control to place the component and monitor the reflow.  Profiles can be created or modified for adequate reflow based on the PCB thickness, size and overall population. 

Surf-Tech can remove and/or replace BGA’s for already assembled boards.  Most low to medium volume can be completed within a couple of days.  X-ray pictures are also available for verification.  Please contact us for further information.