SMT Assembly

Pick & Place:

Surf-Tech uses a Samsung SM421/IT pick and place machine. This machine enables up to 120 feeder locations with multiple matrix trays and/or vibratory lanes with maximum rated speed of up to 21,000 components per hour. The machine is enabled with a flying-camera for chips and a fixed camera for fine-pitch components. It is capable of placing down to 01005 sized components with excellent accuracy. Surf-Tech uses an IT system that allows for bar-coded tracking of part numbers and quantities to maintain inventory levels. Barcode scanners are also located at the pick and place machine to scan and locate the correct location for a part during set-up. This makes installing parts incorrectly impossible.

Reflow Oven:

Surf-Tech uses Heller 1500 reflow oven for all SMT assembly. The 12-zone oven includes appropriate ramp-up, reflow and cool-down temperatures necessary to meet specific board requirements. New assemblies are verified with a profile before assembly. Sample Profiles are available upon request.